2 car garage is a band whose eclectic musical style reflects a mixture of influences such as alternative rock, blues, funk, hip hop, and heavy metal. As five Christian men, our music also reflects our love for God and our desire to share Him with others. We believe that Jesus Christ is the Son of God, and He died for our sins, was buried, and rose from the dead so that we would be forgiven of those sins. We believe in the literal interpretation of the Bible, and we desire to spread that message of salvation through our music and sharing.

2 car garage began playing together in the music ministry at their home church. In the fall of 1995 they moved on to further explore their musical gifts and ideas. As these gifts and ideas developed, they felt the Lord calling them to share their music and His message with others. Their bold music and introspective lyrics regarding their faith in Christ and life in general provide uplifting entertainment for Christians and non-threatening musical enjoyment for non-Christians. The fun, worshipful, and energetic attitude, which is seen and felt in their music and stage presence, helps them to relate to various people in all walks of life.

2 car garage has become a favorite in Northern California. They have earned themselves a reputation for high quality music and outstanding performances which has lead to participation in events such as Spirit West Coast 1997, S.W.C. 1998, and NOGG 3, '97-'98. They also had the honor of achieving the number one spot for August '97 on KSJS for their song "Waiting", and the number six spot for the entire year of 1997 on the KSJS Top 50 Countdown. 2 car garage has also performed with Value Pac, The Supertones, Dime Store Prophets, Stavesacre, Silage, Dakota Motor Company, EDL, Tourniquet, Fold Zandura, Klank, and several local artists from California.

Some goals of 2 car garage include:

  • Bringing glory to God using the gifts and talents that He has blessed them with.
  • Sharing His message of salvation with anyone who is willing to listen.
  • Establishing a bond or connection with the audience in order to draw them into a message of understanding and love.
  • Providing an alternative form of entertainment for Christians and non-Christians who like to rock.
  • Having fun.

2 car garage has one primary goal. That goal is to be faithful servants to God. We are eager for Him to use us however He desires. We hope to reach one person for Christ, and after that, one more, and after that, one more, and one more, and one more...